Personalized book by Bookyboo- Shaunak's Amazing Treasure Hunt in India

This post is about a wonderful book by Bookyboo that we bought for our son, SHAUNAK. Yes, he had just started learning the spelling of his name and this book came at the right time. Of course, he felt extremely special when we gifted it to him!

It is a perfect gifting option. The children go crazy to see a book in their names, and the story is very very interesting. I can say this with guarantee, because I'm the proud owner of two of personalised Bookyboo books. The book is well written and articulated and has rhyming stanzas which sparks even more interest when I read it to my child. And if you are like me, trying to introduce new words to your child's vocabulary, then this is the perfect book for you. The illustrations are extremely captive and the colors are vibrant. The creative team of Bookyboo has cooked a perfect recipe to charm the kids.

This was our very first personalized book and the preview and order process was so smooth and easy. I opened their website, entered my son's details and previewed the complete  book before ordering. Also they have 10% discount offer, so do not miss the chance!

Watch this small video to know about how you can preview the entire book before ordering and how to order:

And when we started learning about India, this book helped me introduce places in India. That was a plus! Here is a small video of my son adoring his book!

I also bought their second personalised book which is based on a family theme and it sure is my best buy till date. Read my post about it here: Shaunak and Shravani to the rescue...

And a little something about the owners and creative people behind Bookyboo:
Neeraj left his job as a managing director at IPG and Hetal left her job as a business director at OMD Malaysia to set up this personalised books platform for kids 2 years back. And since then the couple worked on one personalised book, YES, you read it right. ONE book. Now that's some commitment! They created one great book- 'Amazing Treasure Hunt in India' and sold thousands of copies worldwide! And then they published with their second book- 'to the rescue' which is based on a family theme.

Go here to experience how this works. Type in your child's name to see how the book gets created!
Bookyboo Kids

They ship worldwide!

Their Facebook page:

And I'm sure you guys would love to read this, journey of former directors' towards their passion

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