Personalised book by Bookyboo- Shaunak & Shravani to the rescue...

I was stunned when I came across this book. I had never seen such a unique book, which while reading out to my kids, they would feel like they are not just part of the story but the heroes of the story! And that too an adventure book! This is a great concept, a very well thought-through and designed book that puts my kids in the middle of the action!

The pictures are so colorful and vibrant that my kids feel completely exhilarated. The story is always read in a repeat mode at home. My son likes to read out his sister's name and my daughter likes to constantly point out her big brother's figurine on the pages, saying- "Dada, dada". (Big brother is addressed as Dada in Marathi). Watch this video to see what I am talking about.

If your kid likes to watch TV and you are taking steps towards reducing screen time, I strongly recommend this book, as it has a lot of content, plus the excitement that child feels which watching a cartoon, the same excitement can be experienced while reading this book because it is so well written and articulated, that with every page the story gets even more thrilling and the climax is written brilliantly.

I would like to particularly mention about the quality of the cover, the pages and the print. Everything is of superior quality.

It was a smooth process from book preview to order, payment and delivery. The punctuality in service by Bookyboo team is superb. My books came gift wrapped and packed in a high quality thick envelope.

The book is fabulous and so is the concept. Also, if you are in a phase where you're talking to children about values like gratefulness and helpfulness, then too this book is of a great help. It is so interesting to read to my children how zealously every big and little animal helps best to their capacity. Great work! Truly one-of-a-kind book :)

This book is going to be our keepsake forever and we will cherish it for years to come!

My son's favorite animal is Cheetah and so this is his best moment in the story when Ms. C kisses on his forehead and gives him special powers. We even made a Cheetah craft and he lovingly places it on his forehead when we read this page :) :)

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Go here to experience how this works. Type in your child's name to see how the book gets created!
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