DIY Cardboard Toy- Tunnel, Flyover and Circuit

The first DIY cardboard toy (Garage and 2-level Parking) was a hit with my son and so I decided to make another one, this time with structures on the road and to teach various other concepts.

Here is a practical and interesting approach to learning two new concepts - Tunnel and Flyover / Over bridge using a complete circuit. Shaunak took his variety of vehicles and practiced driving them on this circuit. This also helped him improve his fine motor skills making sure that the vehicle always stays on the road. We also spoke about how to be careful while climbing a flyover as it needs more force, and how he should control his speed while driving down the bridge. He also learnt how one has to be extra careful in tunnels due to the tunnel boundaries and use the lights to drive in the dark.

My goals were to help him understand the concepts like:
1. Tunnel
2. Flyover / Over bridge
3. Left turn / Right turn
4. Circuit

And also to introduce him to new opposite words (vocabulary development):
1. Over x Under
2. Dark x Bright
3. Inside x Outside
4. Above x Below
5. High x Low
6. Open x Close

Here is how I made it.

Things you need:
1. Cardboard (I recycled a washing machine cardboard box)
2. Kitchen roll cardboard tubes
3. Black and white acrylic paint
4. Paintbrush
5. Toy cars

I decided the places to build flyover and tunnel. I made a rough sketch on a paper which was further improvised by my husband who is an expert driver himself. Then I painted the roads black and the borders white.

Made flyover using kitchen roll tubes. Used another card board piece to make the tunnel (make sure the card board piece bends well to give a perfect shape of a tunnel). He used his toy cars to drive on the roads and go over the bridge and under the tunnel.

We spent a wonderful family time full of quality conversations and learning.

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