DIY Cardboard Toy- Public Places and Parking

A child loves to go out of the house and explore new places. Shaunak likes to go to all the public places and he observes place and the people around. I wanted to revise the Public Places topic with him and talk about the use of each of these places.

To explain this concept in an easy and practical way, as well as some toy car driving practice, I created this engaging activity with pictures of various public places like Police Station, Hospital, School, Beach, Library, Playground, Circus, Petrol Pump and much more.

We played this as a game of short stories which explained the purpose of each of these places and then Shaunak would take his vehicles to the appropriate public place. He was particularly excited of making sure he fuels up his petrol tank before visiting the next place, so the petrol pump was surely the most visited place followed by the playground and the beach.

I also made a racing track to introduce him to the concept of car racing hands on.

My goals were to help him understand the concepts like: 
1. Public Places
2. Parking
3. Petrol Pump
4. Racing Track
5. Lane driving

And also to introduce him to new opposite words (vocabulary development): 
1. Vertical x Horizontal
2. Full x Empty
3. Difficult x Easy
4. Black x White
5. Near x Far

Here is how I made it.

Things you need: 
1. Cardboard (I recycled a washing machine cardboard box)
2. Black Chart paper 3. White acrylic paint
4. Paintbrush
5. Toy vehicles
6. Printouts of various public places pictures (choose places which would interest your child)

I was left with 2 pieces of cardboard. I covered them with black chart paper and painted the road borders and parking area with white acrylic paint. I took printouts of the public places pictures and pasted them onto the cardboards. While palying we kept the 2 cardboards next to each other.

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