100 Opposite Words Marathon Challenge

I explore new ways for Shaunak to reflect his learning. We have been learning opposite words since a couple of months through hand-on activities and experiments. The practical examples help child to lock the information in the brain for a longer period of time.

How it all started?

We follow three methodologies to teach/learn at home, one of them is Montessori. And the prime principal of Montessori methodology is 'follow your child'. And we have gradually learnt to do just that. I once shared with Shaunak what opposite words are, taking examples from his daily life, like while bathing- dry and wet, while walking- fast and slow. Shaunak instantly liked the concept and kept asking both of us to repeat them again and again. And so I realised it was time for him to learn new words with hands on experiments. This also gave me opportunity to work on his vocabulary development and introduce him to new words.

Shashank while driving showed him difference between narrow and wide roads, fast and slow, rough and smooth and such more. I at home did some fun science experiments for words like float and sink, sweet and sour and hot and cold. For our Transportation theme I made a few DIY cardboard toys which helped me teach him words like over and under, sharp and blunt, etc.

Learning outcomes:

1. Vocabulary development
2. Memory development
3. Cognitive skills
4. Learning new ways of reflecting 
5. Language skills

You can download the 100 Opposite Words file here, I would really appreciate if you drop me a comment before downloading.

Here is the video, Shaunak takes up 100 Opposite Words Marathon Challenge:

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