Theme Transportation- Moving like Construction Vehicles

Both indoor and outdoor play can be one of the best ways to strengthen gross motor skills. We regularly do various activities to keep fit. Shaunak learns gymnastics and karate moves at his preschool. At home we do basic stretching exercises, yoga asanas, games like 'get that to me', and he even accompanies me for Leslie walks. A child is always on its toes, physically active, moving around, and these interesting activities are a good add-on and make their play time even more joyful and fun.

We are currently working on Transportation theme at home. I was searching for a vehicles themed gross motor activity and I found these amazing movement cards which made our play time very interesting.

I downloaded these cards from Royalbaloo website. Here is the link: Construction vehicles themed movement cards.

Also, watch this video to see Shaunak in action! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch more such videos.

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