DIY Cardboard Toys- Garage, 2-Level Parking and Roundabout

Last month I heard Shashank (my husband) telling an interesting story to Shaunak about tow trucks taking broken cars to garage. Since then I had decided to make a DIY cardboard toy to make him understand the concept better. Not only this but many concepts related to roads and garage.

So, here is what I heard Shashank telling him and sketched my board ideas around this story.

Shashank: "One family wanted to go for a lunch. They used a car parked in the Parking. One car came down from the parking and took a right turn. It reached a "Dead End". The car was taking a reverse and just then the second car came down from the 2nd level parking. The cars didn't notice each other and - Crash! They called the Tow Trucks. Two Tow Trucks arrived, one for each car. The Two Trucks then took the broken cars to the garage where the mechanic mended the cars."

My goals were to help him understand the concepts like: 
1. Parking
2. Dead End
3. Accident
4. Tow Truck
5. Roundabout
6. Reverse gear
7. Garage

Garage elements like:
1. Spanner
2. Screwdriver
3. Hammer
4. Pliers
5. Spare tyre

And also to introduce him to few new opposite words (vocabulary development):
1. Up x down
2. Safe x dangerous
3. Left x :right
4. Broken x fixed
5. Clockwise x anti-clockwise
6. Route x dead-end

Here is how I made it.

Things you need:
1. Cardboard (I recycled a washing machine cardboard box)
2. Kitchen roll cardboard tubes
3. Black and white acrylic paint
4. Paintbrush
5. Toy cars and tow trucks
6. Toy garage tools

I decided where I want to place garage, two level parking and a round-about. I made a rough sketch on a paper which was further improvised by my husband who is an expert driver himself. Then I painted the roads black and the borders white.

I placed garage tools in the garage corner. Made 2-level parking using kitchen roll tubes. I also gave him toy cars and tow trucks. And then Shashank repeated the car crash story and helped him understand the concepts better.

We spent a wonderful family time full of quality conversations and learning.

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