Learning Science behind Magic Self-Watering Plants

This is our small step towards a sustainable living.

I am introducing Shaunak to different types of plants. And when one has nature experts in the family itself then the learning has to happen whether in the same city or not. On Saturday, after coming back from ECA workshop, I and Shaunak did a video call with Purohit family to know about their initiative- Prayaas, to have a look at different plants and to know their advantages and benefits. The most exciting part for Shaunak was to see his little cousin Vihaan (4 years) watering the plants with squirt bottle and telling us names of various plants. As I always say, the more you do yourself, the children in the house get involved in it naturally, you don't have to struggle to get them interested.

Screenshot taken during video call with Purohit family.
All four elders in the family have devoted themselves to experimenting and creating beautiful plants with strong scientific background. They have even read about NASA's reports about the air pollution, the various psychologists' reports to learn about sleeping problems, various papers to know about health problems of the citizens of metro cities as well as 2-tier cities like breathing, blood pressure, etc.

The family is too generous to spread the knowledge and awareness because it is their passion and not a business to survive. The plants rates are affordable to literally everyone. People with breathing and sleeping problems must check out their page. The family is working on it since six months. They first did experiments at home, placed the plants in their bedrooms, only after they were sure that the magic is working, they are all set now to accept the orders!

I know a very little about plants and gardening and I wanted something that I would not have to invest lot of time in but still look green and nice. And what perfect solution! The magic plant, which waters itself! A self-watering plant! One just needs to water them thrice in a month! And the pot, very beautifully painted and decorated by the creative daughter-in-law Kanchan, gave me another reason to buy it instantly. During our Plants theme at The Crafting Kids we are going to learn science behind these magic plants.

Some of the plants that we saw during our video call were:

1. Spider Plant 
2. Peace Lily 
3. Lucky Bamboo 
4. Snake Plant 

and many more...

One can place these plants anywhere in the house, kitchen, bedrooms, living room. Or even on the office desk.

Some of the advantages of these plants are:

1. Improved indoor air quality
2. One can reduce stress level by placing it on a work desk
3. Green plants help increase focus and productivity
4. These plants control humidity in the air which helps in decreasing fatigue and breathing problems
5. One feels committed and responsible towards the environment which creates feel-good feeling

Go here for more pictures and placing orders:

Their Facebook pagePrayaas- Ek Kadam Swasth Jeevan Ki Aur

Email: k.valimbe@gmail.com

Phone number (Mrs. Vinita Purohit): +91 9930113503

They ship the plants all over India. Plants are very carefully packed and they only send it through a very reliable courier service.

Below find Plants' pictures and few videos where the Purohit family members explain the science behind these self watering plants and talk about their passion.

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  1. Thanks Shreya for appreciating and associating with Prayaas..

  2. may I know the cost and availability in Pune?
    C.B.SHARMA 9881710822

    1. Thanks a lot for showing interest in our Prayaas.
      We will get in touch with you shortly.