Oceans themed Seashells Washing Activity

During this month- June 2016, we are following Oceans and Sea Life theme and doing all our activities around this theme.

This is the very first month I have set up activities around a theme. I started with Oceans because my son was born in Goa (Goa is a small and a beautiful state in India) and it is known for its beautiful beaches. Moreover, my son is gravitated towards water and water related activities. So thought this would be the perfect theme to start with!

This is a very simple Montessori- inspired Practical Life Activity. My 3 year old had fun during this activity as he got to play with the soapy water, little did he know he was actually strengthening his palm muscles. This is a fine motor activity as well as sensorial activity.

The washing and cleaning activities help making kids to be hygiene-ready. It instills a thought in their mind to keep things clean and neat.

Ideal work for ages: 18 mo+

All you need is:

1. Plastic tub or tray, one for soapy water and one for clean water

2. Seashells

3. Shaving cream

4. A small toothbrush

5. Towel

6. Water

I poured some water in the bigger tray and immersed the shells into it. Handed over the brush to him and put a big dollop of shaving foam. He used the foam to clean the shells. Later he dipped them into the plastic tray which had clean water and scrubbed them. Last step is to pat the shells dry on a towel.

I made sure he feels that he is doing an important work. I told him that the shells are dirty and need a wash. And he did the activity over and over again until I called the day.

Learning opportunities:

1. Fine motor skills development

2. Sensorial development

3. Practical life skills

4. Hygiene knowledge

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