Ocean Themed Sensorial Activity

Shaunak is gravitated towards water and so 'Oceans' was the perfect theme for us to start with! I believe in sensory play for brain development and so want Shaunak to experience different kinds of materials and textures. Here is a bizzaro sensorial play activity- Ocean Explore in Sticky Soapy Foam! It will leave your kids curious and interested and most importantly, constructively busy for a good one hour! Making the ocean foam is easy and material we have on hand! That sounds like a win-win!

Ideal for age: 18 months +

Not recommended for children with sensitive skin.

All you need is:

1. A plastic or fiber tray
2. Ocean creatures, shells, glass marbles
3. 2 tbsp Cornflour
4. 4 tbsp Dish washing soap
5. Blue and Green Watercolor tubes
6. Water
7. Hand blender
8. A plastic mat to save the floor (if you're doing it inside the house)

Take the tray and add water (I added around 2 ltrs, you can add more too). To this, add cornflour, dish washing soap and watercolors and create a a cloud of bubbles with hand blender. It creates soapy sticky foam. Put the tray on the plastic mat. In a plate arrange ocean themed creatures, shells and marbles and then invite your child to have a time of his life!

Shaunak was super excited to see me myself giving him what he ultimately wants in his life, water, bubbles and play! I asked him to first hide all the shells and creatures inside the foam and then start exploring it. I love when he smiles from the heart! He started pretending to be diving into the ocean and said yaay after finding every little bit.

He scooped and swirled the foam and cooked up stories about fishes and mermaids. This activity offered a great playtime plus learning!

Learning opportunities:

1. Sensory skills

2. Hand-eye coordination

3. Language development

4. Fine motor skills

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