Ocean themed DIY Fishing Activity

Here is a quick DIY activity for developing fine motor skills. I promise your kids will fall in love with it! Water play + fishing= FUN! It needs minimal preparation.

Ideal work for ages: 18 mo+

All you need is:

1. Stick to make the fishing pole

2. Colorful Pipecleaners

3. A large bucket or a tub filled with water.


1. To make the fish, take one pipe cleaner and bend it at around one third length, form an oval like shape and twist it. They need to be big enough for the hook to go through. Now hold the longer end and bend it in half and now twist the two ends together to lock it like a fish tail. Ta-Da! Your fish is ready! Make 6-7 fish in various color.

2. To make the fishing pole, go around your house and find a wooden or plastic stick. Take a pipe cleaner and tie one end to the stick by twisting it. At the other end, bend it to approx two inches to make it work like a hook.

3. To do the activity, let your child put the pipe cleaner fish in the bucket with water. Let him hold the stick with the pipe cleaner hook and go fishingggg!

As we did this activity, we talked about the colors of the fish in the bucket and names of different types of fish. There was also a lot of water splashing and smiles, because water play rocks!

Learning opportunities:

1. Fine motor skills development

2. Sensorial development

3. Practical life skills

4. Scope for communication

As always, the possibilities are endless!

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