Field Trip to the Aquarium Shop and Book Reading

I was looking out for an Oceans themed book for my son to read, and came across this wonderful 3D Pop Up book named 3D Wild Ocean. My son loved it, he loses his mind when he sees the book, literally! There are small information snippets which he likes for me to read and then he points to the fish I read about. I introduced him to 10 types of different fish with pictures and facts, thanks to this beautiful book!

My husband always lends a helping hand for all the activities that I do with my son. And field trip is completely his department. This time he took our son Shaunak to a local aquarium shop is Hyderabad. Shaunak was stunned to look at hundreds of Gold fish. The shopkeeper showed him bottles of fish food and different types of fish, some of them were Gold fish, Angel fish, catfish etc. We are vegetarians and know very little (Or rather, we don't know anything at all!) about the fish types. Such study related field trips helps children connect better with the topic. They are great learning experiences.

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