Knead to Talk- a fun kneading activity!

Recommended age : 1 year +
(Active supervision is a must during all my activities)

Kneading the dough is a great hands-on activity. Kids like to get their hands messy. You will be surprised at their imagination while they roll the dough.

This activity works for us very well. Shaunak enjoys it. He digs in, cuts, folds and makes stories out of it. He has fun with it for good half to an hour. It is a great sensory activity, to help them feel the rough texture of the flour and show them how it turns into a soft dough after adding water.

Plus you get a quality time to communicate with your child while doing the activity. Believe me, this is one activity which while enjoying you can figure out what's going on in your child's mind!

Let your child's imagination flow as he explores the texture, build and shape the dough.

All you need is:

1. Wheat flour or plain flour
2. A wide sturdy bowl
3. Water

To make:

1. Add a cup of flour to the bowl and ask your child to put his hands into it and let him play with it for a while.

2. Then add a half cup of water and let your child try to make a dough, guide your child to mix both the ingredients.

3. Make a dough by adding more water if required.

4. Let your child play with the dough, making shapes of it. You can even make use of moulds.

Learning Opportunities:

1. Fine  Motor Development
2. Sensory Skills Development
3. Language Development

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