Sensory Play: Construction Site

Last Sunday when Shaunak woke up he noticed the balcony door sealed. He sensed something was coming up for him as I got him ready promptly, the bath and the breakfast. And as I was getting a few last things ready he saw it through the curtains and voila! Jumped and screamed- "activity activityyy"! And we were extremely happy to see that spark in his eyes as he was ready to discover and learn something new!

We had a great family time last weekend. The few hours that his Dad gets with him were spent together doing constructive activity, literally. Happy boys!

Shaunak eagerly jumped right in as he saw the Construction Activity setup! Its very easy to make this kind of setup.

All you need is:

1. Plastic Sheets
2. Sand, rocks, stones
3. Dried wooden sticks
4. Toys- hammer, screwdriver
5. Construction site vehicles, workers
6. Beach toys- bucket, shovels
7. strips of black card stock paper to make road
8. Hard hat or construction hat

To prepare this sensory activity I laid out a plastic sheet, to help myself clear the mess easily after the activity, and one more for the background too, preferably blue color to add a good backdrop. Then added coarse sand, rocks, stones, flat marbles, dried wooden sticks from the garden (to imitate wood blocks) and of course, a variety of construction site vehicles, construction workers, beach toys, bucket and shovels, a road! And a construction hat (hard hat) for Shaunak to wear. I crafted it using recycled material.

He enjoyed driving the construction vehicles around, scooping and dumping the sand, shifting rocks and stones using his big trucks, toeing the cars around, using hammer and screw drivers to fix the wooden blocks. He spent a good deal of time making sand patterns and enjoyed the feel when his fingers or vehicles ran through it. Maximum play time guaranteed!

His favorite activity by far was filling the loader bucket with sand and tipping it into a dump truck. He did this over and over! I just love open-ended play. Imaginative and sensory play is essential for learning and kids just love it.

I like to add some literature touch to Shaunak's sensory play time. And his favorite book Little Dump Truck by was perfect for the activity. Though he knows each and every line in the book, I read it again for him as he got busy loading his dump trucks with sand. Remember? Kids always have their ears open. I didn't want to leave any chance of retelling a story!

It was a treat to see my little worker bring his own real world experiences to his play.

Learning opportunities:

1. Sensorial development

2. Open-ended imaginative play

3. Construction site vehicle movements

4. Explore the toys using real material

Check this link to learn to make a construction hat: DIY Construction Hat


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